Book of the Month – Are You There Little Elephant?

Book of the Month – Are You There Little Elephant?

With a soft colour palette and adorable illustrations, this little peep-through book is perfect for children who love the ‘That’s Not My’ collection.

Let little hands take a journey though the jungle in search of their little elephant. Find a whole host of other animal friends along the way, like the monkeys in the trees and the hippos in their watering holes, as you turn each new page.

Small children will love feeling the different textures on each page, and following the trails of birds travelling through the book with their fingers. Each page becomes a new guessing game as children peep through the holes to the next page, in the hope of glimpsing the elusive elephant.

Full of intricate details and half-hidden animals, children are sure to find something new each time you read it together. Ideal for developing sensory and visual awareness, this is the perfect way to engage your little ones with a more interactive storytime.

Become enchanted with a new series of hide-and-seek books, that you can enjoy reading again and again.

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