McDonald’s got Trolls toys now – check out!

You have to give thumb up to McDonald for making toys and crafts available every time a major animation film is released. This time without failure it’s the Trolls.

I have to say making the paper Trolls DOES make me wanting to go to the cinema to watch the film. So you would admit McDonald does help the film company’s marketing campaign which in return they get advertising income as a result. Besides, parents get info they need to entertain their kids, kids get what they want, so win-win situation, how can you say no to that!?

I’m not proud to say I take kids to McDonald’s all the time, but on the other hand, seeing their changes in the restaurant (based on the one in Pedders Way, Preston), I have to say I’m very impressed with it all:

1. New self-serving screens are available for people to order their own meal without having to stand in a queue- thumb up!

2. New iPad-like game devices are made available for kids to play. I have to say this pleases my kids so much, they would just go to McDonald because of those game devices! But I do have concern that my kids are just rushing through the meal so they can play the games – thumb down on this one! But my kids will definitely give it a thumb up!

3. Play area was moved outside. Compare to what was previously a conservatory area, the facility is really dated, I’d say this is an improvement. Especially for older kids, they could hang around outside area either on benches or in the play area, it prevent them from sitting inside ALL day with loud noises and creating unfriendly atmosphere for other customers. So for that, it’s a thumb up. But I have concerns with my kids due to security reasons. Younger kids could go outside and wonder about after all. Even with the sign says “it’s parents responsibility to guide your children’s activities‘. But the play area do look much nicer – so a thumb up after all.

Anyway, that’s my own opinion, do you take your kids to McDonald? Please let me know by commenting below:

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