Yoga pose chair
Yoga pose - chair

Chair Pose, Original Name is Utkatasana Pose

What Does It Means to You?

Yoga is a practice of keeping one’s body and mind relaxed in hectic work and family life. There is a huge gap between our daily professional and family requirements, and we feel a desire to abridge that. In doing so, we often fall prey to both mental and physical stress, which of course, causes a drastic effect on our daily life. Fortunately, Yoga helps to prevent all types of stresses whether it is physical or mental. It contributes to building a state of complete mindfulness. For this reason, tons of working people are following yoga practices and receiving considerable yoga benefit. They start off from a basic yoga pose and gradually fall in love with Yoga.

Apart from that, meditation is a fundamental concept which makes yoga very successful. It is usually thought of as a practice to reflect upon or ponder. But in yogic context, it is defined as a state of pure consciousness. When we meditate, we try to direct our mind towards an object. As a result, deep awareness occurs which removes every hurdle between mind and the object. This practice helps people with hectic routines of work and family life to become relaxed. Several benefits like stress release, overcoming anxiety, improved health and boosting the immunity can be taken from meditation.

Now there are multiple yoga poses which can be beneficial for attaining complete mindfulness. Here, we’ll discuss a very helpful Yoga pose generally named as the ‘chair pose’. Its original name in Sanskrit is called as ‘Utkatasana’ which comes from the word ‘utkata’ and ‘asana’. Actually, it is a standing yoga pose which tends to strengthen the entire body especially the thighs. It can also be practiced on your own to build stamina and strength in the whole body.



Start off with a mountain pose, standing with your feet and toes touching together. Inhale and raise your arms above your head at 90 degrees to the ground. Now breath-out while bending knees and thighs parallel to the floor as much as you can. The knees should project out slightly over feet, and the torso will be perpendicular to the thighs. While moving your elbows back towards your ear, move shoulder blades towards upper back ribs. Lower your hips evenly and then lift, keeping lower back long. 80 percent of body weight should be transferred on heels. Take deep and smooth breaths. Now spread shoulder blades apart and spin the pinky fingers towards each other while palms face each other. Rotate your arms outward through thumbs. For the deeper pose, look directly forward between hands. Now hold up for 1 minute and then inhale as you straighten up.

Make sure your stomach is empty at the time you perform this yoga pose for maximum yoga benefits. Smile throughout so that you can hold this posture for a longer time.


Utkatasana brings power to your thighs and ankles. While doing so, it also tones the shoulders, hips, and back. It also stretches the shoulders and chest and makes them open and flexible. Moreover, it causes stretching of Achilles tendons and shins. In the meantime, it helps to reduce the symptoms of flat feet and is known as therapeutic for flat feet. Holding your body in this yoga pose for several minutes will definitely increase the heart rate. As a result, the stimulation of the blood flow and metabolic system causes the body to sweat a lot.