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My two kids


Big sister and little brother photo
B and M school photo

B is my first born in 2006, she is such an active girl – she likes run, she like to shout, she likes our pet guinea pigs and almost all the cute animals she can find. M can be seen as shy, quiet boy, being 6-year younger to his sister, he can be quite a terror himself when he plays get-under-your-dress game with B. But they have a very similar liking – ice-cream! Oh yummy! Can you tell from this picture?

There are 6 years ago difference between B and M, it makes going out or holiday choices quite difficult at the beginning, but B is certainly very happy to have her little brother at the age of 6, she was wearing a ‘big sister’ badge on the day I took baby M back from the hospital, so exciting!

Big sister and little baby brother
Big sister day for B!

My Collection

Over the years, I have taken them to see different places at school holidays, hope they enjoy life and gain more life experience as they grow. I collect kids activity venues and family holiday ideas over the years which we have tried and have had happy experience within the North West England and Scotland. Below is a list of them and hope it helps your holiday and kids activity choices. If you have suggestion with regards to this, please feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to add more to the list.

Loch Goilhead Scotland

Calahonda in Mijas Spain

My Top 10 Kids Play in North West England