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Me In The Past

My name is Kitty Smith. I was born in China in 1970’s. For people who knows about Chinese history, Chairman Mao’s Culture Revolution period. My parents were both affected by this significant historical event and they have dividing opinions about Chairman Mao.

However, I have grown up in a democratic family and I was given the freedom to choose my own destiny, unlike what were given to my parents when they were young. For this reason, I was eternally grateful for their life support, which resulted me settling in the UK in early 2002.

I have worked many jobs while living in China:  teacher, legal translator, hotel customer relation officer and a business woman. While truly enjoy being a teacher to primary school children, I could not stand the bureaucratic governance under Chinese traditional education authority. This has led me the decision of leaving that job and furthermore traveling across the land and ocean in pursuit of my dream today.

I started this blog Working Mum Kitty with the intention of recording my family journey, my passion for professional productivity, my love for my mother country China and the affection towards Scotland where my loving husband grew up from.

But I have randomly blogged about my interest in children books, yoga practice, review of family holidays, and some of my own recipes here just to make it a great place for everyone to have a good read.


My Family


My husband Kenny is a Scottish bagpipe band major and his love about bagpipe starting from his teenage age. He has given up his high profile IT career to become a full-time bagpiper/musician, so you can imagine how much he loves his bagpipes! He is a regular wedding and funeral bagpiper, also plays at corporate and private party. You can get in touch with him by visiting his website!

Daughter Betty is a super active girl and her baby age left me some unforgettable memories about her allergy condition. Her severe reaction towards peanuts still remains a challenge to our daily life, but the good news is she grew out of intolerance to milk, wheat, rice, and egg etc. It’s a huge relief that she can eat as normal like all the other children at her ages now, back in the days, it is almost impossible!

My son Marco is my sunshire, he smiles and makes me feel content all the time. Then when he discovered that he can fight back his sister, my ears have never had peace since! I love them both to the moon, but dreading everyday to be the judge who’s the best behaved and who’s not…

My love to my kids makes it a serious business when it comes to education, and I utilise skill learned from accountant job and management skills gained from my Level 5 ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Diploma. I know this sounds really odd, but they work for me and yield results!


My Purpose


Life is a never-ending learning journey. Apart from focusing on my family, I enjoy mostly learning new skills and new knowledge day by day. Hence the reason why I started this WordPress website in 2016 and fell in love with the immense knowledge of the ‘virtual reality’!

I also enjoy reading in mindfulness and am actively seeking for some call ‘life enlightenment‘ moment. Will I ever find it? I don’t know, but I know I’m on this journey no matter what… When the moment comes to a personal entanglement, I try to pick up Ferne Cotton’s book ‘Happy‘, or remind myself that many people in this world feel pretty Frazzled and I’m not the only one. Stop thinking for a while, review and rewind, you might just find yourself again!

The vast online resource makes me feel there’s no limit to what you can learn, what you can do. If you dream it and work toward it hard enough, you can achieve anything you want to achieve. This is when I started to offer a Virtual Assistant service online via a platform called Fiverr.

I enjoy the flexibility it offers, I was able to offer my service to people in need of:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Social Media management
  • Tax return
  • Data analysis and business strategy planning

Not only this VA service boosted my income potential, it also allowed me to get involved a wider field of online business. It is through this, I found out more about the online world ? and how many homebased business ideas out there.

You can set up your own business and get it running in no time if you want it bad enough! But all business needs a good training to start, here is where you can get this through Online Entrepreneur training community that offers everything you need!

You can find out more about this online entrepreneur training theme here:

Homebased Work Review – by Working Mum Kitty