About Working Mum Kitty


My name is Kitty Smith, Working Mum Kitty is about my family journey, my pursuit in professional productivity, my interests in Usborne books for children, yoga practice and review of family holidays – China holiday and Scotland holiday we have had over the years.

As a Chinese born person, a lot of my holiday reviews are about China holiday, and my family also have our annual Scotland holiday as you will see throughout my blogs – my husband Kenny is a Scottish bagpipe band major! He’s just recently gave up his high profile IT career to be a full-time bagpiper/musician. If you are in need of a bagpiper for a wedding, a funeral or a party, please get in touch here.

I was born in the 70’s China, a city called Shenyang. Came to the UK in 2002, I completed my university study at city of Preston and met Scottish husband Kenny and 3 years later, we had our first born B.

Daughter B was born in 2006 and son M 2012, life has never been the same since the two active kids descended the world. Working full-time as an accountant and learning ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management), I’m always seeking ways to educate and encourage my kids through strategic approach (I know you might not want to believe) and hope to achieve high level satisfaction and happiness in life.

As much as I care about my children’s education and well-being, I also have strong passion about the online world, hence the reason why I started this WordPress website in 2016 and fell in love with the immense knowledge of website-building and affiliate marketing, which some people refer it as ‘making money online’, but it is much a deeper concept than that to me! You will read a lot of my blog posts regarding to this subject.

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