Busy mum with child
Busy mum with child

As a busy mum, we all have hectic mornings, here I have come up with ’10 morning hacks for mums’ to make your morning routine go much smoother.

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 1

Set a fun ringtone on your phone. Nobody likes waking up to a noisy alarm clock, no! Set it to something like fun, rock and any type of pop music you like. If you are not a morning person, you will find no joy in waking up super early in a standard annoying alarm tone!

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 2

You will find that if you set my alarm just 15 minutes earlier, it’s enough that it gives you a little extra time to be less stressed in the morning. I hate to tell you, those velour track suits, we used to be able to look cute in those wearing them all day to the mall and shopping or wherever, not so much now, they’re out!!! Done!! As soon as your feet hit the floor, get dressed!

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 3

One thing I like to do is lay out my outfit the night before. Everything, from socks, shoes, tops, trousers or skirts and everything in between, even earrings and choice of makeup. It lets me leave the stress of trying to find the best outfit for the day in the morning which is awesome. If nothing else, at least you got dressed. Yeah!

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 4

There’s just something to be said for starting your day with a made bed. It usually takes less than one minute. It means you’ve accomplished something the second you wake up. It makes you feel good. It gets your blood pumping. So just do it! Just do it!!

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 5

Breakfast. OK breakfast. My kids’ favorite breakfast meal, we call it our fluffy egg. You take a cup. You can spray it with cooking spray if you’d like. You crack one egg in the cup. You can add milk, you can add veggies, you can add meat if you’d like. Microwave it. Start with one minute and see if you need more. Every microwave is a little different and poof! You’ve got a fluffy, beautiful egg in one minute. I bet my egg is faster than your cereal.

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 6

As a busy mum, I like to do my girl’s hair during breakfast. She’s occupied, so it’s the perfect opportunity to do her hair without her wiggling all over the place. I keep several go-to hair products in one single bag. So I can grab the bag, do it quickly and sometimes I’ll even throw the bag in the car and do the hair in the car if we’re running late. Maybe you think it’s gross. I think it’s perfectly acceptable!

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 7

Now, it’s time to get out the door. I like to leave a basket or a bag by the door that we will be leaving out of in the morning. Throughout the morning and even the night before, I will throw things in the basket that we need. Then it’s quick and easy to just grab the whole bag and head out to the car instead of going into the house 50 times for all the things you forgot.

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 8

One way to ensure that you have a less hectic morning routine is to do as much as you can at night. I like to lay out all the kids’ clothes on the back of the couch the night before so that when they come down in the morning, they’re all there ready for them.

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 9

I have a To Do list for my kids that I stick right on the TV. In our house, you can’t watch a morning show until everything on the To Do list is done.

Morning Hacks For Mums Tip 10

If you have some time the night before, try to pack your kids’ lunches and even your lunch for the next day. I have found that if I shower at night, I have plenty of hot water. Nobody’s interrupting me ’cause all of the kids are in bed and it really cuts down the time that I need to get ready in the morning. I just go to bed with wet hair. I’ll straighten what I need to straighten. Curl what I need to curl. I just all works out fine. I’m most likely gonna throw it in a messy bun anyway in the morning…nobody really cares.


Conclusion for Morning Hacks For Mums

These are the 10 simple morning hacks for mums for how to keep your morning routine a little less crazy. I hope it helps you in some way. Please leave a comment below if you like this post. I will be back soon on my next post.



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  1. Great post. Even though I’m not a mum, but since my wife is I guess that settles a lot. Your writeup is very realistic and I really love the hacks, we could use more of those every morning. Am touched by Tip 6, my wife sometimes does our daughter’s hair when she’s less busy while my daughter isn’t the sit-in-a-place kind of girl, take that from a 4year old. Am gonna keep a tab on your website for great articles such as this. Thanks. 

  2. Hi

    After reading your article, I understood great tips and I believe those tricks can help my family also. I have two kids and some time it is very tough to manage everything quickly. I am going to share your article with my wife and I believe she will love it. I have to bookmark your article in my favorite section for later use. Thanks for sharing those helpful tips.

  3. Ths article on morning hacks for mum is appreciated. I found your site to be really useful, helpful and informative. This is a must read article for all mothers and I wish everyone to read. I am a man but I will recommend this to my wife to know how to manage her day coupled with home activities and taking care of the kids. Thanks for sharing this.  

  4. Hi there, this is really a great help article for all mother’s probably a nursing mother or anyone. I want to believe any mum that csn follow this 10 ways u listed here will find it very easy to solve their busy works In the home every morning. In aspect as man, since you have done this for mum, I hope u will come up with something for dad like us too, we are something having busy schedule too. Hope to hear from you back

    • Thank you for your comments, and the request on hacks for dad as well:) I will see if I can come up something to fulfil your request! 

  5. Awesome information.

    This is a very helpful information. And I like the way you carefully outlined the tips , so great. I cannot help but agree all you have said here. It is very enlightening and so comprehensive enough to follow as  guide in our daily morning routine especially for women. Thanks for sharing this with us

  6. Nice article on 10 morning hack for mums and know many will find it useful as I do

    Most of the time you can’t see working mom arrive earlier at work especially the nursing mothers 

    But following this steps in the article can help many mom in starting there morning on a good note

  7. Im a grandfather raising my grandson and I will be the first one to admit that mornings can be super crazy and having any bit of help is great.Even though we are in an entirely different boat your tips are awesome and I know I will be using several of them.  Yes I may have to alter a few of them to work for me but thats okay.Every parent of small children should have to read this especially if they are at their wits ends in the mornings.Dale

    • Many thanks for your comments, hope you can make it useful to you and your grandkids! 

  8. Your morning hack tips ain’t bad at all. Sure they are pretty good and every mum who always gets stressed at morning chores would love these morning hacks for mums. You really took out time to outline them and they are in details. When you take out time to achieve much in the morning even without getting much stressed, it feels good.. 

    • Thank you for your comments, I’m glad you think it will help mums to be stress-free! 

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