Clapping for NHS
Clapping for NHS

What is Clap For Our Carers?


Clap For Our Carers started from a Dutch Londoner Annemarie Plas, she felt a strong passion to clap for all the healthcare staff seeing similar action taken place in her home country of Netherlands. Now we as a family stand outside our house and join the weekly clapping EVERY WEEK.

It’s truely inspiring as a thank you to all the British front line National Health Service doctors, nurses, cleaners, delivery guys who are in the battle against coronavirus! Have a look at this video.



Who are Involved in the Clapping?


Political leaders, pop stars, footballers, TV presenters, and also British royal family members are all part of the ‘Clapping’ crowd. The first few weeks, we have seen Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak clapping from Downing Street, and also the appearance of Prince George, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis took part with their mum and dad  Duke of Cambridge and Dutches of Cambridge from their home in Norfolk.

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When Does The Clapping Happen? 


The Clapping happens every Thursday 8pm since it’s very first time on Thursday 26th March. Now it has become part of our British life while the pandemic coronavirus affecting all of our lifes day after day.

While the whole nation all clap together! I believe this is the time to show unity, courage and love to our friends, family, and all the people in our community! Let’s be in this together, beat coronavirus, stay home and stay safe.