best remote work
best remote work

Best Remote Jobs in UK 2021

Grow your career while working remotely


Remote jobs are on the rise. What are they, which jobs fall in this categorywhy people work remotely and what are some common misconceptions about remote work? You will get the answer of all these in this post.

When people talk about remote work, they are simply describing the jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world with access to just a computer and reasonable (that is good in speed and connection stability) internet access. So,whether you are working from your living room, the beach, a coffee shop, or anywhere else not in physical proximity of your clients, employer, or coworkers, you are working remotely.

While having the ability to work from outside of an office has been possible for a few decades, remote jobs are now coming in limelight. Remote jobs are based on the concept that the work doesn’t need to be done only in the office to be executed successfully. Moreover, remote employees have the flexibility to design their days so they can experience personal and professional lives to their fullest potential and coexist peacefully. You might be wondering now that which profiles or designation falls under the category of remote jobs. Well, there are many! Below we summarized are a few.



Remote jobs can be just as financially lucrative and personally rewarding in practice as it seems in theory. Since remote work is made possible through computer and internet technology, it is not a surprise that many remote jobs are the best and most flexible options for the tech industry. But if tech industry sounds unfamiliar to you, don’t panic! There are more paths than tech like marketing writer, an online tutor that you might think. Some of the most popular remote jobs include:

Web Developer

Web developers are what probably comes to mind first when we think of remote jobs. They are the computer programmers who bring the plans and layouts of web designers to live, functioning websites, and applications by using coding language. When looking for remote jobs, web development could be a great choice.

Web/Graphic Designer

Since nearly every business needs a website, many people are making their living as website or graphic designers. They are digital, creative professionals tasked with designing the overall vision and plan for websites and web applications. So, if you are a creative person and the idea of getting paid while working creatively and remotely appeals to you, web design might be a perfect fit for your career.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is exactly like traditional marketing, where we identify a target audience’s needs and connect them to our products & services to fill those needs, except it is digital. Here, we market those products and services online.

Digital Marketing Generalists, Content Marketers, SEO Specialists, and Social Media Managers are the profiles of digital marketing jobs. So, if you are ready to break into a remote career as a Digital Marketer, these remote jobs could be right for you.


If you are bilingual or skilled in a multitude of languages, you can find a job as a translator. Many such jobs can be done remotely in the comfort of your home.

Android or iPhone Developer

Those with a background in software engineering or computer science might consider becoming an Android or iPhone developer. Such developers are tasked with designing or troubleshooting mobile apps. With just a good internet connection and the appropriate design software, this job can be done from anywhere at your convenience.

Teacher or Tutor

High-speed internet connections and advance technologies have created many opportunities for teachers to work with students across the globe. This is beneficial for both student and teacher as teachers can earn based on the number of hours and students can learn at their own pace.




Now that you have understood that what remote work is and which jobs come in this category, you might be wondering: why? Why would employees choose to work outside of an office and, better yet, why would their boss let them? Well, there are a multitude of advantages of remote for both employers and employees, ranging from increased productivity to healthier, happier workers. Let’s break down a few of them:

Benefits for Employees


Flexible lifestyle

This is the most obvious reason why employees want to work remotely. For the remote workers who are parents, pursuing further studies, or facing other aspects of life, remote jobs offer them a flexible lifestyle to focus on other things too.


Better health and wellness

According to a study, employees who are doing remote jobsare less stressed than their in-office counterparts. They also have higher morale. They stay healthier and happier and therefore, produce better work and feel more committed to their companies.


Renewed passion for their job

Remote workers are likely to do their best work outside of the office environment. In fact, the opportunity to work remotely can bring a new prospect to his/her position.



Benefits for Employers

Higher productivity

One of the most praised arguments for remote jobs is the enhanced productivity that comes with its flexibility. Employees who are working at their convenient place tend to put extra efforts into their job while going above and beyond to get their work done in comparison to in-office employees. ‍


Cost savings

Employees of remote jobs are also beneficial for a company’s bottom line. If a team is distributed, companies can see reduced overhead from money saved on costs like electricity bills, rent, office furniture, and more.


Engaged employees

Besides getting greater profit margins, higher-quality, and more efficient work, employers can find their employees are happy and engaged.

While remote jobs are becoming more and more common, it is also true that there are still some misconceptions about them. Like people think that employees in remote jobs have trouble communicating, remote workers are “always-on”, remote workers don’t actually work, etc.

Be clear! These all are just the misconceptions that might hinder you to get a remote job.

But as we mentioned above, there are many benefits of remote jobs, no matter whether you are an employee or an employer. So, go ahead with remote jobs and take your career to a whole new level.


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  1. Nice to meet you Kitty! I have an aunt Kitty lol:) , never met another. I enjoyed reading your article of best remote jobs in the UK. At times such as this many people I am sure do wish they were working from home. I know health and wellness is probably one of the most popular choices people choose to do but which would you recommend? Thanks.

    • Hi Nikki, I know health and wellness are popular fields to dive in. Roles like online wellness coach, health advisor for insurance companies etc. I hope you can find something to sink your teeth into. I am running a Virtual Assistant side kick project currently. You can find details by click on ‘Work with ME” menu on my website. Thanks for the comments! 

  2. Great read.  This is a great list but got me thinking that there are so many more remote type jobs.  From blogging to participating in surveys it can be endless.   It’s just a matter of time before “Social Influencer” is at the top of this list.  Thanks for such a great read.  Good luck!

    • Thanks for the comments, yes ‘social influencer’ is definitely one of the kind! I would add it to my list soon! 

  3. That was a fantastic post about the best remote jobs. I always thought that remote job is for tech people only, so glad there is other type of remote jobs which does not require a tech knowledge. And the benefits of having remote jobs is so appealing both for employees and employers.

    Do you know the salary of each one (approximately)? And if there is a remote part time jobs also?

    • Hi Rose, glad this post is of use to you. Yes there are plenty of part-time based remote jobs as well! Rate for each depends on the country where the companies are based really, so there’s no set rate for all, just about an average. But thanks for the feedback, I shall do my next post with this piece of information on! Watch this space! 

  4. I have been considering for a long time the advantages of working remotely. But up to this point I have never given the jump. But this world wide situation has made me seriously reconsider the way I work. The world will everyday move towards working from home. And I can use this circumstance as a catapult to get started. I’m interested in Digital Marketing.

    • Hi Ann, I understand exactly where you come from. Where I am now is in the UK, we are having a lockdown for 3-weeks. So working from home is the only option. I have built up a few clients over the years with my VA side kick project, alongside my full-time job, and I am ready to move fully onto remote position in the next 6 months. It takes time and courage I have to admit, and good luck with your decision!

  5. Hey :)!! I absolutely love this topic. I love how much detail you have put into it from the examples of what type of jobs to the benefits for both the employee and employer. Then the way you formatted the post made super easy to continue reading. I would really enjoy seeing more on this topic if possible.

    • Hi Brittney, thank you very much for your comments. It really means a lot for me as a blogger. Definitely more to come! 

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