Chocolate Quiz

Chocolate Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

This week’s Family Quiz is all about Chocolates! I hope you are all doing well and having much hope now the lockdown rule is much more relaxed!

My family just started a weekly seaside city visit routine, and we aim to visit one beach city in England every week. I hope this helps the frustration of being unable to travel about it!

But for now, let’s give you the family quiz questions for the week! I hope you are enjoying the time spent with your family!

Let's begin with Chocolate Quiz!

1. What year is Cadbury chocolate created?

2. What animal can die if it eats chocolate?

3. Which company has created the Milky Way chocolate brand?

4. Is coco beans a type of fruit or vegetable?

5. What is the mountain called on the Toblerone chocolate package?

6. How many types of coco beans are there?

7. Who invented chocolate?

8. Which country produces the most coco in the world?

9. Up till 2020, how many different colors of Smarties are there?

10. What type of chocolate reduces the chances of having heart disease?

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