When you complain about you don’t eat healthy, you buy rubbish food too much, have you thought about making your own health lunch at work or home with just hot water, a bowl and some simple ingredient?



To Get Ready

Here is a list of thing you need to get prepared before hand. I usually do this after tea for the night. When kids are settled in their quiet routine before bed.

  • Get a jar of couscous – this could be 8 – 10 spoonful depends on your appetite.
  • A mediums-sized bowl (if you work provides this, you skip this step, you could also get one of those soup cups with a lid. They are light to carry and easy to wash, also microwave friendly.
  • red soup cup with lid
  • A punch of watercress
  • 4-5 diced feta cheese
  • A small cup of olives (no stones ones are better)
  • 4-5 half-cup radishes

With these ready, you only need to spend 5 mins to put them together!

To Prepare

First thing first, if you want to eat healthy, put it in your head – not to let other people to judge you! So when you take these ingredient to work’s kitchen, DO NOT think about what other people might think or what they might ask you! Eat healthy for yourself not anyone else! Now are you ready? Let’s begin!

  • Get some water boiled, if you work has a hot water machine, then that’s even better. You can skip this step.
  • Take the bowl or soup cup out, pull couscous into your container, filled it with hot water, the water should be double the level of couscous or more if you prefer you couscous to taste softer.
  • After that, cover your bowl for 4 minutes. With the soup cup, this is easier, you just put the lid on and wait…

Use your waiting time to talk to work colleagues in the kitchen, ask people about their healthy eating tips, you will be surprised what you can learn in that short 4 mintues!


It’s Ready!

After 4 minutes, take off the excess water you don’t want, and mix in your watercress, feta cheese, olives and halved radishes into couscous, stir with your fork gently so they are perfectly mixed together like the picture showing. You’ve got to admit it’s looks fabulous and appealing! Now it’s ready to eat!

Your healthy lunch style starts from here, it’s crunchy and fresh with the vegetables, couscous also provides rice-like texiture, and it is sugar- and fat-free! Research says it contains about 66% of the recommended daily dose of selenium. So that’s absolutely the healthy choice for you if you want to be away from junk food.


The After-talk

Some people might want to say I don’t have time to get things prepared, there’s no time for it. But think about it, the time you spend at home to get things organised, it is a kind of exercise that keep your active, AND it reduces your time to get things ready to eat in no longer than 5 minutes! It creates a happy mechanism that your brain likes, which will lead to a good habit should you consistantly practise it!

Getting into a healthy routine isn’t just one day job. Thinking about it and putting it into practice more and more, then it will lead to a happy healthy eating habit which will benefit yourself in the long run.