Body Balance
Body Balance

My Fitness Routine – Body Balance Class


New Year and New Routine


I just started my new routine of taking part in gym exercise at lunchtime MON – FRI.

Thought I’d share some feedback on how my new fitness routine improves my physical and mental health. I’ve been always suffered from long-hour sitting on my office chair and working in front of the computer for years. As I am an accountant, and this is what I do, work on the computer and get figures and accounts done for my clients.

So I seek out professional help and the advice I was given is to do regular exercise. Hence I joined up this South Ribble Gym Membership and follow a timetable like this:


Gym Class Routine

Mon – Zumba 11.15am

Tue – Zumba 12.00pm

Wed – Zumba 12.00pm

Thu – Body balance 11.15am

Fri – Yoga 10.15am


Body Balance Class


My feeling about the Body Balance class is pretty much a yoga class with modern music!  The teacher plays dancing music, pop music to go with the exercise itself.

There are lots of stretches and balancing movements. These are just like the movement I do in a normal yoga class. But with teaching’s instruction in pop music, somehow, the movements seem not as painful as they usually feel.

I almost start to practice the full split of legs which I can never imagine I’d do prior to this body balance class.


Sometimes you are instructed to stand on one leg, both arms are raised up to keep a balanced posture; sometimes legs kick to the back and up to the position while the arms are stretching forward.

Arms stretching and twist, the forward bend is pretty much feeling my thing. I love the movement that allows me to flow and take my mind off stressful work tasks totally.

When I was doing something challenging, the instructor tells everyone you practice it within their own limit. So I don’t force myself too much going through certain poses.


After Thought About the Body Balance Class


Although I didn’t feel I stretched myself too much, I got quite a bit of glutes pain. I could feel it when I walked the stairs upwards and downwards.

But the fact I was able to complete the whole class following the instruction, feels like a little achievement!

Guess what’s why people say you should join the gym class!

Why it is fulfilling? Is it the fact I was able to be at the class at lunchtime, which was impossible if I was to work a 9-5 job, now I’m my own boss and this is possible! Or is it the fact that I was able to listen to the music and do the body balance movement freely?

The feeling after the class is mindfully free and physically strong, maybe that’s the trick!


Tracking and Setting Goals

I track all my fitness routines using Apple Watch – Fitness.

I love this little app and I aim to achieve my goal every day. Sometimes it feels like being defeated if I haven’t done enough fitness exercise to burn the calories I intended, or not stand for longer than 8 hours a day.

But when I do, it feels like in heaven!

The Apple Watch fitness app also sends firework sparks each time you finished an exercise ring, SO exciting when I see that!



Apple watch firework
Apple watch firework



I also share my Fitness goals with my mother-in-law. So I get a notification each time she finishes a workout. Guess she gets mine too. Wooo it gets competitive! I know you might think that’s a little weird, but it can be a safety measure for an elderly person when you don’t live close to them, knowing their fitness routine might help to identify any potential stroke or other dangerous situation!


Apple Watch share
Apple Watch share


With this little gadget, it keeps you motivated that you will always rely on this remind you to finish your daily goal and continue to do so!

It’s too early to say the result of the fitness routine on my physical strength just yet, but mentally I feel so very much empowered each time I finish a class. After the class, going back to my normal office work seem like a breeze.

I will keep a regular blog to review this. So please watch this space! I hope you have a similar mindset like me, want to set up a fitness goal but not sure where it would lead you. Feel free to comments below and maybe we could monitor the experience together.

Feel free to comment below and I’d love to hear your comments and your thoughts!