China holiday, family holiday
Flight home from China

Time flew fast before I noticed June had arrived at footstep. Being 2 weeks Easter holiday in April and our annual 2-week holiday in China at the end of May. I had so much going on these 2 months!

Easter NEST Holiday Club

Kids had 2 weeks off over Easter, and I was jiggling between working and arranging childcare – thanks to the amazing Nest Kids Holiday Club! Kids had a fabulous time playing a range of activities and making new friends. I can’t thank you enough for the friendly staff members and the fantastic owner Anna who’s always so welcoming to my kids. I would be a totally stressed working mum without the Nest club!

Kids holiday club, North West England
Kids holiday club – The Nest

Shaw Academy

I also discovered such a good online learning school – Shaw Academy. They offer great courses, and my favorite ones are Web Design and Nutrition. A lifetime membership allows you to learn anything at your own pace and anytime you want! Below is a list of their courses:

Health & Wellness


Whilst we are stepping into May, the weather has been so kind to us that we’ve had so many sunny weekends! BBQ on the plate, so we wouldn’t miss the sunny opportunity! My girl B was so happy to invite her friend to our BBQ! Thinking about her starting high school in September is still quite an unpredictable occurrence to me! Is she ready? Am I ready to see her gain more independence? So many questions to answer.

ILM Study

Full-time working, chasing after 2 kids, and studying for ILM qualification (Institute of Leadership and Management), such madness. But like I said in my previous post, I do enjoy the study and the interaction with all the like-minded people on the course. April and May, we are on the subject of Managing Improvement. But the whole unit covers so much, such as TQM – Total Quality Management, Keno Model – Customer satisfaction study model, and the famous Six Sigma. If you are interested in these theories, please click here to download Keno Model and Managing Quality presentation file from my free resource.

Hobby Craft 

Whilst the weather has been nice, I also find hundreds of £1 goodies at Hobby Craft. Keeping my kids busy over the May half-term was easy! I hope you can find something suited for your kids for the coming summer holiday!

China Holiday

The itinerary is quite tight. Our schedule is really fun-packed and tiring at times, but I have no regret whatsoever!

Day 1

Xian arrival to meet mum and dad, who traveled from their home town Shenyang to meet us there.

Day 2 -3

Xian group tour to Huaqing Palace and Xian Terracotta Museum. The next day a visit to Xian Daming Palace and Dayan Pagoda.

China holiday, Xian tour, family holiday
Xian tour in China

Day 4 -7

Flight to Shenyang, which is his mum and dad’s hometown, and the meeting with family members and far relatives are always countless!

China holiday, friend party, what to do on holidays
Friend party in Shenyang, China

Day 8-9

Train to Panjin to meet my childhood school friends, who are ever so welcoming every time I visit China. The beautiful Red Marsh tour impressed me so much!

China holiday, Liaoning Travel
Panjin Red Marsh Attraction

Day 10-12

Train back to Shenyang and do some more day tours in the city and, of course, more dinner parties and meeting with old friends.

China holiday, Liaoning tour
Fantawild Adventure tour in Shenyang, China

Day 13-14

Train to Beijing and a visit to Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City.

China holiday, Beijing tour, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City
Beijing Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

Day 15

Flight Home

Flight view, Paris view from sky
Flight above Paris

I will be making some China holiday post for the places I have visited with my family. If you are interested in this, please watch this place – or sign up for my newsletter here. Until then, enjoy the summer weather, whatever you are in the world!