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This page tells you everything about a working mum’s life.


DAY JOB as a qualified AAT (Associate of Accounting Technician) accountant. I work in the office, calculating numbers, working on spreadsheet, producing reports and going to a meeting to debate about some meaningful figure from my report but make no sense whatsoever to someone else from the sales team, yeh a lot of fun there I can assure you! I am also currently sharpening my skills and widening my vision through a NVQ course by Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Main point of the interest for me is, learning about leadership and management skills, actually helps me not only my DAY JOB, but also my HOME JOB as well!


So what do I do as a HOME JOB – you probably guess it already, working as a MUM! But trust me, to rule 2 super-active, one strong-willed, one cuty sneaky kids is no-easy job. I have to plan, tackle, give incentives (bribe actually), and implement using learned management skills. Then constant review my strategy to make the next plan of attack work as well as the previous one. The truth is, when I plan and execute well, it yields results, well-behaved kids, happy mum; failing so, it all backfires, and you can get the picture, an exhausting and defeated working mum at home.

I started this blog in the hope that I share my triumph stories, as well as the defeating moment by my kids, so my fellow working mums can get some good tips for their motherly plan, and be warned away of any bad plan which could cause backfire, and hopefully some motherhood sanctuary on your way! Hands up if you are agree with me please! Click below to sign up my free newsletter!