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Review – Beech Hill Hotel Windermere 


What a lovely stay at Beech Hill Hotel in Windermere! Thought I’ll share my experience with my readers here.

Not far from the Windermere ferry terminal, this Beech Hill hotel is not different to find. The car park at the side is spacious to park. There’s front entrance and back entrance to get into the hotel reception which is a traditional Victorian style club.

As guests to my mother-in-law who stayed in the hotel room, we were able to use the hotel‘s spa facility which is so romantic, super-relaxing, lake-view picturesque! Look at this lovely hot tub in the open air!

The swimming pool is also such a luxury as we got to use the pool all just by ourselves. Guess at a hotel in the Lakes District, hotel guests are not that interested in staying in but all go out sightseeing.

The sauna and steam room also come in handy for us to enjoy. Kids are curious but with 4 adults’ supervision, they didn’t get to misuse these adults spa facility but still had great fun in the pool!

Would highly recommend this Hotel as a good-view and relaxing retreat. Not necessarily children friendly, but there are plenty to do and see around Windermere- swans in the lake and Brockholes Windermere all have plenty to offer and keep kids happy and cheer!


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