Cities to Visit in UK

Top 10 Cities to Visit in UK

There are many reasons a person should visit the UK – beautiful scenery, vibrant cities, rich history, welcoming people, and one can go on and on and on and on. However, many people want a real insight into life in a British city. This article will find 10 of the best cities to visit in the UK.


London provides an excellent opportunity to see places that are not like anywhere else. On top of these places, we can mention London Tower Bridge and the famous Big Ben as a top landmark of this great city.

Then there are dozens of museums, such as the National Museum, The British Museum, The Wax Museum, and Natural History.

Grand historic buildings are St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and Palace (where the royal family graves are). Of course, the Queen’s residence at Buckingham Palace should be on your visiting list!

The others included are Parliament Building, Kingston Mansion, Royal St James, Piccadilly Circus, and the iconic London Eye.


Places you can visit in London.

  • Westminster Abbey.
  • Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Big Ben bell.

Activities you can do in London.

  • Visit Hyde Park.
  • Take Thames Cruise.
  • Stoll down Oxford Street.


By visiting the city of Birmingham, you will be surprised by the number of attractions and activities available to you. The city is considered one of the best places for tourism in England due to international exhibitions, museums, shopping, and eating places.

Just three miles from the city center, Ed Eddy and Winterberg Gardens provide comfort for families, there are seven acres of botanical gardens you can walk around, which are home to more than 6000 species of plants and a stunning Japanese bridge, and the tea room offers meals, cakes, and snacks from 12 pm noon until 3 pm.


Places you can visit in Birmingham.

  • Twycross Zoo.
  • Shakespeare’s New Place.
  • Castle Bromwich Historic Gardens.

Activities you can do in Birmingham.

  • Escape Live Games.
  • Whistle Punks Axe Throwing.
  • Take your kids to Sheldon Country Park.


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Scotland and the UK. The magnificent Edinburgh castle is located in the city center. It overlooks historical houses dating back from the Middle Ages, the Scottish Parliament Building, the National Museum, Holyrood House and St. Giles’ Cathedral built in 1120 AD, and the Royal Botanical Garden. All these places are tourist attractions you should not miss when you plan a trip to Edinburgh.


Places you can visit in Edinburgh.

  • Visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey.
  • Visit the Royal Mile.

Activities you can do in Edinburgh.

  • Climb to Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags.
  • Take the Bus and go sightseeing.
  • Edinburgh Harry Potter Walking Tour.
  • Edinburgh Dark Side Walking Tour.


Aside from the abundance of hotels, Bristol has plenty of accommodations for people looking for different settings or people with tight budgets. Accommodations such as camps, campuses, and youth hotels are available everywhere around the city.

Capital of Wales, the city is famous for its nature, maritime history, and fantastic city views. Festivals are held throughout the year, with a unique character related to the fantastic street art and the art of cooking.

Bristol boasts an exciting array of entertainment, such as theaters, festivals, restaurants and bars, afternoon tea, nightlife, shopping, and parks. Whether your interests lie in art galleries, museums, sports, or sightseeing, Bristol has many places to visit.


Places you can visit in Bristol.

  • Wild Place Project Bristol.
  • Bristol Aquarium.
  • Visit the world’s first great ocean liner: Brunel’s SS Great Britain.

Activities you can do in Bristol.

  • Go surfing in The Wave.
  • Experience the live escape room: Locked in a Room.
  • Visit the Wild Place Project and try the Leap of Faith.


Among the most magnificent places of tourism in England that you can visit is Leeds hosts more than 80 festivals every year, such as the Leeds Festival, the Black Music Festival, and the Leeds West Indian Carnival, which turns into an unforgettable visit for most tourists.

Enjoy a wealth of museums and galleries, discover the rich heritage and history of Leeds, the Leeds Art Gallery, the Henry Moore Institute, and the “Titley” block with independent galleries, just a short distance from the leading outdoor gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

At the Royal Weapons Museum, watches the emperor’s battles with armor and terrible wrestling from ancient Rome at the Leeds City Museum. See the architectural splendor of the Victorian Leeds corridors; you can spend the afternoon walking around the city and enjoying the outstanding architecture of famous buildings.


Places you can visit in Leeds.

  • Enjoy the beauty of nature at Rodley Nature Reserve.
  • Visit Kirkstall Abbey and Temple Newsam.
  • Visit Roundhay Park.

Activities you can do in Leeds.

  • Solve the puzzles of Escape Hunt Leeds.
  • TeamSport Indoor Go Karting Leeds.
  • Visit Napoleons Casino.


Liverpool has attractions all over the city, and there are many museums, galleries, unique historic buildings, and arts and sports centers, more than any other British city outside the capital.

The journey to Liverpool is not complete without a trip across the River Mersey, as it provides some breathtaking views of the world-famous Liverpool façade.

If you are a creature of culture, then you will need to save time to visit seven museums that, include the International Museum, the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Walker Art Gallery, the Lady Liver Art Gallery, the International Slavery Museum, the Sodley House Museum, and the Liverpool Museum.


Places you can visit in Liverpool.

  • Liverpool Cathedral.
  • Liverpool Football Club.
  • World Museum.

Activities you can do in Liverpool.

  • Take the kids to Sefton Park.
  • Visit The Beatles Story.
  • Knowsley Safari Park.


Oxford is famous for its mixture of the hustle and bustle of modernity and the charm of the Middle Ages. It also features the graduation of many scientists, politicians, philosophers, and writers over the past eight centuries. One of the most prominent tourist attractions is the Radcliffe cabin, built in the eighteenth century AD.


Places you can visit in Oxford.

  • Bodleian Library.
  • Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
  • University Church of St Mary the Virgin.

Activities you can do in Oxford.

  • Visit the University of Oxford’s Botanic Garden.
  • Oxford Castle Unlocked Guided Tour.
  • Visit Port Meadow.


This charming city overlooks the Cam River and has one of the essential educational universities in the world. It is an excellent example of antique architecture, where the towers and antique buildings form beautiful scenery. When visiting Cambridge, you cannot miss visiting the Cambridge Museum, which takes place inside an old building built in the Seventeenth Century.


Places you can visit in Cambridge.

  • Visit King’s College and King’s College Chapel.
  • Visit St. Mary the Great Church and the Round Church.
  • Visit the Museums of Cambridge.

Activities you can do in Cambridge.

  • Anglesey Abbey, Gardens, and Lode Mill.
  • Chauffeured Punting Tour.
  • City Sightseeing Cambridge Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour.


Belfast is a historic city that witnessed a war between unionists and nationalists, “The Troubles war.” You can still see the aftermath of this civil war in certain parts of the city. However, this city has one of the most beautiful architecture in Ireland that you visit during your visit to Northern Ireland or the United Kingdom. You can also discover the Grand Opera House, the prestigious University of Queens, and the renowned Botanical Garden.


Places you can visit in Belfast.

  • Visit the Great Walls of Belfast.
  • Visit the Titanic Belfast museum.
  • Visit Belfast City Hall.

Activities you can do in Belfast.

  • Drink a pint in Belfast’s oldest traditional pubs.
  • Try local food, Especially Boojum.
  • Have a go at Northern Ireland’s most enormous Breakfast.


Glasgow is the largest and oldest city in Scotland. It attracts many tourists from different parts of the world every year. The history of this city dates back to prehistoric times; it is located on the River Clyde and holds the largest seaport in Great Britain. Historically, Glasgow had been a center of importance in shipbuilding and a hub for trade trips with North America. Today, Glasgow is among Scotland’s most beautiful tourist destinations, where magic, music, playing, and singing can be observed on every corner and street.

Tourists can wander through the city’s streets to see the fragrant history evident in medieval buildings such as Glasgow Cathedral and the ancient Antonine Wall. Glasgow has more than 1500 shopping centers that tourists from around the world visit. There are also various sports events taking place all around the week. Glasgow is, therefore, among the most beautiful tourist destinations in Scotland and the UK.


Places you can visit in Glasgow.

  • Visit Glasgow Cathedral.
  • The National Piping Centre and the Bagpipe Museum.
  • Visit the Mackintosh House.

Activities you can do in Glasgow.

  • Take a Walk through the Necropolis.
  • Explore the outskirts of Glasgow.
  • Tennent’s Brewery Tour.

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