Thunderbolt posture, also know as ‘hero’ or ‘Vajrasana’ in Sanskrit language.

The benefit of this posture, according to The British Wheel of Yoga, it stretches knees, ankles and feet and aids concentration.

I personally find this posture very easy and relaxing. But keep neck, back and shoulder straight up for longer can be a little challenging!

This is also a very good mindfulness practice pose. Breath in and breath out, while focusing your mind on the knees, hands, back and neck.

Don’t worry if your mind wanders, have a deep breath and bring back the focus again.

Apart from the daily practice, I also find reading Ruby Wax’s ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled‘ very helpful. Her good sense of human will truly inspire you on your mindfulness journal.

Mindfulness is about to take yourself away to the stressful reality, recharge your mind, refuel your energy, it makes life journey easier and enjoyful. Do have a read on this mindfulness book, you will find many useful tips like I do!